Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards process. From rules, to categories, to vetting entries and securing peer judges, this committee is the backbone of the awards process.


Chair: Mark Reda

Event Committee

The event committee is responsible for the Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards annual gala including nomination parties. The committee will be responsible for the contract/planning/budget for the event.


Chair Theresa Maher

Gold & Silver Circle Committee

The Gold & Silver Circle Committee is responsible for soliciting nominees annually for induction into the Gold & Silver Circle Societies, and for reviewing and selecting the candidates. The induction is at a ceremony to be held annually (usually at the Emmy Awards Gala). It is recommended that Gold/Silver Circle committee members be comprised of Board members and former inductees. Chair Dr. John Craft

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for the creation, design and implementation of programs and relationships that will enhance the Academy’s goal of educational leadership. These programs include the Student Production Awards and Lunch and Learn events.

Co-Chairs Dan J.P. Ciernia M.Ed.

and Chuck Emmert

Social Media & Web Committee

The Social Media Committee is responsible for maintaining and increasing the positive image of the Academy to its membership and the regional community. The Social Media Committee works closely with the Event Committee, Education Committee and Awards Committee, and will contribute to the publicity surrounding events. Website design, message and updates fall under Social Media as of 2020.


Chairs: Dan Barr & Frankie McLister

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