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Drew Sidner



A proud Kansas Jayhawk, Drew Sidener parlayed his 1989 journalism degree into TV news photography jobs in Topeka, Fort Myers, D.C., Green Bay and Phoenix before declaring, “I’ve had enough of television!” Drew was drawn back to the “business” and the exciting and rewarding field of television promotions in 2003 by his ability and desire to shoot, edit and tell a story.

Drew was active with the local NATAS chapter in Phoenix before moving to the Denver area. Now after over 15 years in Denver TV promotions, he is a seasoned brand manager and broadcast professional with a varied background in newsroom management, and storytelling as well as both broadcast and web-based marketing solutions. He is constantly made aware by the three women in his household, one of whom is his more successful investigative producer spouse, the other two… his long-suffering daughters Zelda and Harper… that he is the least clever of the bunch.

Drew has 24 regional Emmy awards, six Colorado Broadcasters plaques, a dog named Trixie and a proven track record of successful, engaging promotions. He once worked in the White House press corps where he photographed President Bill Clinton with Bishop Desmond Tutu in the Oval Office, Secretary of State Warren Christopher at the Sphinx, the Branch Davidian standoff and chased a murderer to Pakistan.