Felipe Corral

Silver Circle Class of 2020



Known as “El Señor de Los Deportes,” Felipe Corral has been a fixture at Univision Arizona for almost 27 years. During that time, he has covered many of the major sporting events in Arizona and Mexico, including the Super Bowl, the NBA Playoffs, and the World Series.  “I strongly believe what makes Felipe Corral, ‘El Señor de Los Deportes’ so well known and loved amongst his viewers, is that he is a simple, kind, generous and humble human being,” says long-time coworker Gina Santiago.  “He travels all over the state covering children playing sports, interviewing not only the players, but their coaches and parents.”


But it is Corral’s work covering young athletes that sets him apart. “Felipe is a true believer that through his microphone he can support and motivate young athletes to keep fighting for their dreams,” says Univision Arizona anchor Heidi Renpenning. “He has used his microphone to motivate hundreds of young athletes. More than 20 years ago, he created the segment called ‘Promesas del Futuro,’ or ‘Future Promises,’ where he interviews young athletes and then follows them through their careers and some of them have made it all the way to the NFL, NBA, the Olympics and other national and international championships.”


One of those young athletes featured on “Promesas del Futuro” is now nationally ranked Taekwondo fighter Jenny Quezada, who was then a freshman at Arizona State and is currently training to be a part of the 2021 U.S Olympic Team. Former Arizona Cardinals player Rolando Cantú, who is now the Cardinals’ manager of International Business Relations, remembers meeting Corral at training camp with the Cardinals in June 2004. “Felipe is a pioneer for Arizona Spanish broadcast television. While playing for the Arizona Cardinals as a professional player, I began to see opportunities in broadcast communication, watching people like Felipe for when it came time to retire from the NFL in hopes these doors would be open for me.”


 “Who doesn’t know Felipe Corral?’ asks Univision anchor Leon Felipe Gonzalez, rhetorically. “Going out with him on the street, he takes the time to greet everyone who recognizes him and asks for a photo or an autograph. He pays the same attention to both a janitor and the owner of an important Arizona sports team.