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Jack Miller


Jack Miller has been created Arizona’s soundtrack for more than 50 years. In the mid-1950’s Jack went to work at Ramsey’s Recording Studio in Phoenix as chief engineer and audio mixer. By playing with the audio equalization and running the sound through a 10,000-gallon water tank behind the studio, he was able to “shape” and “color” the music. It became the “Phoenix Sound” and a string of hits put the city, the studio and Jack on the industry’s map.

The success was Jack’s ticket to Hollywood and RCA’s Studio Center of the World. He mixed and produced records, commercials, movies and television shows for dozens of the biggest stars in the world: Henry Mancini, Dean Martin, Jefferson Airplane and The Rolling Stones.

After his stint and rising career, Jack wanted to return home to Phoenix. As Chief engineer and audio producer for Audio Recorders of Arizona, he was the first choice of every ad agency in town and made radio and TV commercials for Lou Grubb Chevrolet, Hallmark Homes, Bashas’ Markets and a hundred other advertisers.

In 1975, working with the engineering departments of KOOL-TV and Motorola, Jack produced the first quadraphonic audio broadcast in history. In 1977, he started his own Jack Miller Productions.

Jack was always a leader in audio technology. He was one of the first recording engineers in Arizona to adopt digital recording. Long before the major studios in Los Angeles and New York, Jack replaced tape recorders with computers.

In 2000, Jack Miller Productions merged with Canyon Records, one of the world’s premier producers of Native American Music. His work has been honored with a Grammy Award and five Grammy Nominations. Jack retired from Canyon Records in 2014 and passed away in 2016 at the age of 83.