Faded Sandpaper

Manny Garcia


In 1964 Manny Garcia was teaching photography at Phoenix College. KOOL-TV General Manager, Homer Lane, called one day and asked, “Would you have any interested in helping us build our news department at Channel 10?” He interviewed, got the job and became one of the first television news photographers in Arizona. He also ran the film processor and edited stories for Channel 10’s Newscasts.

In 1965, Manny was the Director of Photography for one of the state’s first major documentary projects, a one-hour, prime-time special titled Illegitimacy, The Sudden Fact of Life. The program won numerous awards including an Emmy® for Best Documentary. Garcia says, “I was named Director of Photography for the station in 1966 and took part in hiring the best group of videographers in the region. I’ve been lucky enough to do special reporting and documentary production all over the world. I have seen some incredible images in some very remote places on this lovely planet. But I think I am best known for the scenic shots and scenes of this beautiful state in which I was born. I am a fourth generation Arizonan. And I love this place with both my heart and my eyes.”

His father was a sheepherder for a good part of his life. He grew up listening to his stories of old Arizona. Manny’s mom came to Phoenix in 1929 and quickly became a historical part of this community by joining a dance troupe in the then “new” Orpheum Theatre. He is married to his wife, Irene, has three grown children, Anne, Christie and Jon, along with several grandchildren.

Garcia is a Rocky Mountain Emmy®, Peabody and Gabriel Award recipient and has more than 20 press association awards. He is also the recipient of the coveted National Emmy® Award.

As the Director of Photography for “RightThisMinute,” Arizona’s first daily national syndicated television show, he is still teaching and still helping to shape new ways to share the world’s stories. Today it’s for millions of daily television viewers in the United States and growing web audience throughout the world.