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Howard Morgan

Howard Morgan

Howard Morgan spent 46 years in broadcasting as a weathercaster known for his heartwarming smile and creative weather icon for sunny weather. In a time before computer-generated graphics, Morgan drew a trademark smiley face on drawings of the sun and named that character “Thermo.”

Morgan started in broadcasting as a graphic artist and began forecasting the weather for KHOL-TV in Nebraska in 1953. From there, Morgan moved to Kansas and Utah before joining KOAT-TV as a weathercaster in Albuquerque in 1971.

Morgan is also an artist and a horticulturist. Many of Morgan’s paintings were used as Christmas cards for KOAT. Morgan’s fascination with planting and gardening led to an on-air series titled “Gardenlore.” Viewers would drop off their prize vegetables at the station, and Morgan would show them on air. The television series led to Morgan authoring three books on gardening, also using the “Gardenlore” title.

In addition to his induction in the Silver Circle, Morgan was inducted into the New Mexico Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame in 2005.

In November 1991, Morgan retired from KOAT after 46 years in broadcasting.