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Jay McSpadden

Jay McSpadden started his career in 1977 in Odessa, Texas as a television news photographer. He had a 4-year stint in Oklahoma City and eventually made his home in Phoenix working at KPNX-TV. Jay worked at NBC Affiliate, KPNX- TV Channel 12 until he retired in 2018. During his time at KPNX, Jay covered some pretty exciting stories including: Presidential Inauguration of George H.W. Bush, the Oklahoma City bombing, San Francisco Earthquake, and Johnny Carson’s last show.

Jay is a member of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Rocky Mountain Chapter’s Silver Circle Society, recognizing individuals who have served in the industry for a minimum of 25 years, with the majority being spent in the Rocky Mountain Southwest region. Individuals selected for induction have done more than work professionally for 25 years. They are the best and brightest in our business with extensive public service, mentoring, leadership and professional accolades.

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