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Mark Curtis

Mark Curtis

12 News Anchor

Name: Mark Curtis

About Me: I consider myself very blessed to be living and working in Phoenix.

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia

City of Residence: Scottsdale

Current Position: Weeknight news anchor

Years with 12 News: Altogether, close to 21 years.. I was here through the 80’s left for Minneapolis and St. Louis and then came back in the mid 90’s.

College Graduated from: American University in Washington, D.C

Interests/Hobbies: Golf, Gardening

Favorite Music: Classic rock, Movie Soundtracks, Classical, and Country

Favorite Song: Born to Run

Favorite Books: Anything by Stephen King or James Patterson

Favorite Quotes: Carpe Diem- Sieze the Day

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Color: Black, Lavender

Favorite Travel Destination: Ocean City, Maryland

Pets: Olivia a Bouvier Des Flandres

Children: Lindsay, Blake and Sydney

Favorite Sports Teams: Now that I am no longer in sports I can openly root for all the home town teams, now I CAN be a “homer”

Favorite Moment in Broadcasting: Broadcasting from the Diamondbacks clubhouse the night they won the World Series!

Hidden Talent: I am learning to play the Bass Guitar

Why you decided to work in TV: I grew up In Washington and so the news was always on

Where else you have worked: San Diego, Washington D.C, Minneapolis, St. Louis

What you love about living in Arizona: I love love love the weather, I play golf and so I can play whenever I have time off. I also like working in my garden so something is always growing in our great weather.

First Story Reported: Muhammad Ali getting set to fight Joe Frazier

Awards Received: Six Emmy® Awards

Your First Job: Sports producer Washington D.C

What People Would Never Guess About You: I started off in pre-med and always wanted to be a doctor.

Your Heritage: Hungarian

Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Hypocrites

Your Prized Possession: My children

What I’m Passionate About: Protecting children from violence and predators

Dream Vacation: Golf trip with my family to Scotland