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Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt

Telling stories is something that is in Mike Schmidt’s blood. He began his journalism career at his high school newspaper as a photographer where he spent two years capturing images Greenway High School.

In 1982 Channel 10 (KOOL) came calling and he worked there for 3 and ½ years as a video tape editor. That same job brought him to KTVK in May of 1986. He got his shot behind the camera when a photographer hurt his knee and they needed help.

Mike eventually took his skills up north to Flagstaff when KTVK opened the Northern Arizona Bureau. Five years later Mike came back home to Phoenix where he works to this day.

Some of Mike’s career high points were road trips taken across Arizona from the north rim of the Grand Canyon to the party barge at Lake Havasu. A memory seared in his mind was the manhunt for Danny Ray Horning that lasted 30 straight days. He walked the rim of the Grand Canyon with SWAT team to the final takedown in Sedona where Horning was taking into custody.

When asked what he loves most of all Mike said it is the people in this business. Regardless of the station you called home we all have one love – telling stories, meeting people and learning about them. To Mike, that is the best thing about what we do.