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Mike Watkiss

Mike Watkiss

Mike Watkiss is a veteran reporter who has been on the frontline of some of the biggest stories of the last four decades.

Watkiss has interviewed serial killers and super stars.

He was one of the first reporters on the scene the morning the bodies of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson were discovered.

Watkiss then covered the so-called “Trial of the Century” — the criminal prosecution of O.J. Simpson.

During an eight year run with the show “A Current Affair” Watkiss first worked as a New York-based correspondent and then was transferred to Los Angeles to serve as both the L.A. Bureau Chief and West Coast Correspondent.

While with “A Current Affair” Watkiss covered the L.A. Riots, the Northridge Earthquake, the Oklahoma City Bombing, “Night Stalker” Serial Killer Richard Ramirez, Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss, and Figure Skater Tonya Harding.

Watkiss also traveled the world from Singapore to Switzerland covering Super-Star Michael Jackson.

For the last eighteen years, Watkiss has worked as the Senior Reporter at Phoenix TV Station KTVK.

During this time, Watkiss covered the 9-11 attack from New York City, Hurricane Katrina from Biloxi Mississippi, the Death of Princess Diana from London, the trial of American Terrorist Timothy McVeigh from Denver and countless wildfires all over the Western United States.

Watkiss has received many of journalism’s major awards. In 2009 Watkiss was also presented the FBI’s Community Leadership Award by then FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Because of his extensive work covering the practice of polygamy in America, Watkiss, who comes from polygamist ancestors, is recognized as one of the leading experts on American polygamy, the FLDS Church and Polygamous Prophet Warren Jeffs.

In 2005, Watkiss produced the Emmy and Edward R. Murrow Award-winning Documentary “Colorado City and the Underground Railroad.”

The documentary chronicles the stories and struggles of a handful of brave women who stood up against the abusive Prophet and power structure of the FLDS community and, ended up, changing the course of history.

Watkiss has a B.A. in Anthropology from Stanford University and a Masters’ Degree in Journalism from Columbia University.

Watkiss has appeared in several movies including “Dumb and Dumber,” “The Positively True Adventure of the Texas Cheerleading Murdering Mom,” and “Outlaw Prophet Warren Jeffs.”

Watkiss was inducted into the Silver Circle in 2018. He is a native of Salt Lake City and now lives with his family in Phoenix.