Faded Sandpaper

Roger Downey

I have always had a powerful interest in gathering information, both in my formal education and in the informal education we all experience as we go through life. I think that it has been my greatest gift. And that’s why I started My Healthcare Report. The interest in information fueled my career in the media, then with the Arizona Medical Board as the Media Relations Officer, and now at GlobalMed and the field of telemedicine. And before that with NBC News and KPHO-TV in Phoenix, the CBS affiliate. It helps that I am able to communicate what I have learned with my voice and writing skills.

Having spent more than 30 years on a radio mike or in front of a TV camera, I was placed in situations where quick-thinking was essential, but that’s only half the skill needed. You also have to be able to take the information you know and express it in a meaningful and understandable way. In the business, they call it broadcast writing. Read enough news stories on the air and you get very good at storytelling and identifying REAL news.

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